As many of you already know, I prefer to use a high quality wired headset if I’m playing any game competitively


I can remember one wireless headset that disconnected itself 17 times during a 20-minute gaming session. The advantage is that the headset remains cheaper and lighter than those using multiple drivers, but the effect is usually less accurate than a ‘true’ surround headset. For example, if you hear an echo only when someone else talks, the problem may be with the headset connection of the person who is talking. As many of you already know, I prefer to use a high quality wired headset if I’m playing any game competitively. Simple in-line controls on the headset cord let you adjust the volume or mute calls without disruption. If you want to know more about the different types of gaming headset and what to look for when buying one then read. The X500 is a totally unique and sustainable DECT concept which future proofs the headset for future. 1 surround sound experience, but that’s not the only thing that the headset boasts about. 1 gaming headset is the most affordable one featured in this list and well worth the asking price. Needless to say, this headset was completely unusable as I was unable to communicate with my teammates during the match. A stylish mid-office and contact centre headset suitable for regular phone users. Technology continues to improve wireless gaming headset functionality year after year. The headset is not intended to be used with any other device. (Edit: Picture is what you headset layout is like, you need the adapter to split them back. Professionals who do their job from a stationary workplace will appreciate the all-day comfort, robust design and top quality sound of our wired headsets. First of all, it’s a wired headset. We can slash your replacement headset costs by simply repairing or upgrading your existing headsets. Please take just a little bit of time to leave your comments below about your use of wireless gaming headsets and if you enjoyed them or would prefer to continue using a wired headset instead. After the best gaming headset to level up your gaming setup? Wired or wireless, we check that the audio quality is good enough and that features such as surround sound support work as expected. As with all of our gamer peripherals, we rigorously test each headset before fully reviewing. However, they do require charging, are often heavier, and cost more than their wired counterparts. As you can see, there are several pros and cons to using a wireless headset instead of a wired. The perfect business headset for voice calls, Skype, webinars and more.


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